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GlassWalk™ Stair Treads is a unique glass application that elevates any staircase. Glass panels can be used for stair treads, risers, and landing panels of any dimensions. This glass stair system offers a clean glass feeling, and seamlessly floats up to any floor. By choosing to add LED lighting to the framework, you’ll add even more of a “wow” factor to your staircase. Glass stair treads use 3-ply thick glass with added frit patterns to meet higher anti-slip requirements.

GlassWalk™ Glass Paver flooring system consists of 8” square glass pavers set in an aluminum grid framework. This glass floor application is easy to install and is perfect for any high-traffic walkway area. Glass pavers are designed to work in interior and exterior applications, such as glass paver decks. The glass pavers come in two design options, Concentric Circles or Prisma, and can be sandblasted on the top surface to increase slip resistance. With so many customization options, you can install glass pavers that perfectly accentuate your space with natural light.

Steel and glass paver applications incorporate the use of 6” or 8” square glass pavers. Glass pavers can be clear or sandblasted on the top surface. The framework to this walkable glass paver application is made from standard steel, stainless-steel, or hot dipped galvanized steel for added strength. The steel framework can be finished in a powder coat that comes in a variety of colors. This is perfect for any application that is interior/exterior since it can be waterproofed.

Precast concrete and glass paver panels are fully engineered and tested to meet structural loading requirements. Glass pavers are offered in many standard paver sizes, and GBA offers historic pavers for historic preservation projects. Glass pavers are glazed to be clear or sand blasted for added slip resistance on the top surface. The concrete is available in 6 standard color options and can have an Acid Etched, Light Broom, or Sand Blast finish. Precast concrete panels with glass pavers are designed to be used in an interior/interior, exterior/exterior, or interior/exterior application.

Cast iron panels with glass pavers, or sidewalk vault lights, are used to provide natural light to underground areas that typically receive poor lighting. Cast iron vault light panels are pre fabricated to meet today’s structural loading requirements. This walking surface, which has been used since the mid-1800s, is modernized thanks to GBA’s engineering and design expertise that improves strength and maximizes light flow through panels. Additionally, cast iron and glass paver sidewalk lights can illuminate the streets at night when the panels are backlit.

Our plank glass walking panels are designed with stainless steel framing. The plank glass can be custom cut in a low-iron or standard glass panel option. Stainless steel framing can be cut to accommodate any radius or shape desired for the project. The framing is available in a 2-part epoxy high-gloss top coat finish or a non-directional bead blast finish. Plank glass is perfect for an interior/exterior application because of the systems’ waterproofing capabilities.

Mortar and grout are a thing of the past with our innovative mortarless glass block grid wall applications. These grids are completely customizable with our full line of hollow glass blocks and solid glass bricks available. The metal framework provides no visible mullion or grout joints common to traditional glass block or brick applications. The framing also provides strength for any sized window or wall design. Glass block wall framing comes in both stainless steel or aluminum.

Glass block makes the perfect partition accent wall in any room, and supplies large amounts of natural light to illuminate a space like never before. Completely customizable, this wall application can be used with our full line of hollow glass blocks or solid glass bricks of any color, size, or pattern. Glass block accent walls can have fire ratings of up to 90 minutes depending on the block selected. No integral framework is used in these accent walls; instead GBA uses panel anchor construction or channel restraint construction to install these stunning glass accents.

Glass bricks can be creatively used to give the appeal of traditional masonry brick with the luminosity of glass.  Glass brick accent walls have the ability to mix in and tooth seamlessly into any masonry wall.  The bricks can be laid in a running bond or stack bond, or can be set in a steel or metal frame.  GBA has many glass brick sizing options available including VISTABRIK®, VETROPIENO™, and AMERICANO™.  For more information regarding the size and color options available for each line of glass bricks, click here to view more information.

Precast concrete and paver wall panels are designed to deliver the industrial look of polished concrete in a light-weight wall system. This prefabricated, 4” thick precast and glass wall system is the perfect accent or room divider. Glass blocks used in this system can be clear or colored, and shaped round, square, or rectangular. The precast concrete is available in 5 standard colors, but can be custom colored to match the intended design goal. STC and fire ratings are subject to change based on the glass block selected or project needs.

Reminiscent of traditional sidewalk vault lights, composite cast iron wall panels are installed as vertical wall panels. Glazed with 2 round glass pavers or 3-1/2” square glass pavers, either glass paver options can be clear glass or frosted. These panels are typically backlit and used in vertical wall applications or drop ceiling lay-lights. Our panels are made of a light-weight, high-density urethane board that meets Class A Fire Ratings. Composite cast iron panels can be manufactured in a variety of textures and an endless palette of colors.

GBA is a certified installer of TRESPA® High-Pressure Compact Laminate Wall Panels. TRESPA® manufactures a low maintenance, water and UV resistant interior and exterior phenolic panel available in METEON® and Pura® NFC product lines. The METEON® collection includes cladding panels in a broad range of looks such as Metallics, Lumen, Focus, Naturals, and Woods. TRESPA’s Pura® NFC siding has a natural-fibre core within a sealed surface offered in a wood texture or the matte Lumen texture. TRESPA® phenolic panels are engineered for longevity, durability, and minimal maintenance.

Glass block windscreen and elevator enclosures are built tough to provide shelter and resist vandalism. Various glass block and glass brick patterns and finishes are available to allow as much as 92% visible light transmission or lower, depending on the glass block selected. These glass block systems are designed to increase natural light, provide a sturdy glass barrier wall, and require minimal maintenance. Standard masonry construction, aluminum framework, or steel framework is available. Depending on the glass block used, Sound Transmission Class ratings can reach 53 stc and Compressive Strength ratings of up to 80,000 psi.

Glass block windows have become the top choice for many architects and designers due to their improved durability and strength. With over 100+ patterns and colors to choose from, glass block windows’ modular sizing allows the window to fit in any dimensional needs. Options for the glass block to have a fire rating, hurricane resistance, tornado resistance, and added security benefits are available. Depending on the glass block used, SHGC levels can be as low as .34, STC levels that are as high as 53, and U-Values as low .19. In addition to new construction or replacement glass block windows, GBA has expertise in matching and renovating historic glass block windows.

Glass block solar wall tubes are designed in 8” and 16” modules in various depths to match wall thickness. The mirror-like finish of the stainless-steel tube magnifies the amount of light pouring through the wall. Solar wall tubes can use Energy Savings Glass Block to achieve high U-Values. The U-Value of the solar wall tube changes due to the use of hollow glass block, solid glass block, or energy saving glass block. The glass block can be transparent, translucent, or any color desired.

Our Hurricane Resistant Glass Block windows have been tested and approved by Miami-Dade County in Florida, the State of Florida, and the Texas Department of Insurance. These glass block window systems meet large missile impact tests in accordance with ASTM E-1886 and ASTM E-1996. The glass block is set in an aluminum frame with an aluminum channel available in a clear anodize, bronze, or white. This window system provides excellent light transmission while protecting against hurricane force winds and flying debris.

With steel frames and solid glass block glazing, these FEMA approved tornado resistant glass block windows combine function and beauty. LightWise® Tornado Resistant windows are fully engineered and tested to meet intended design loads including FEMA 361, FEMA 320, ICC/NSSA 500-2008, and ASTM 330-02. Framing can be made of steel or stainless-steel and can be finished in a powder coated or bead-blast finish. Solid glass block can be clear or stippled laminated VISTABRIK®. To maximize design possibilities, standard and custom window sizes are available for this application of engineered glass block.

LightWise® Blast Resistant Windows are designed and tested to exceed government, military, and international building requirements. No cracking or loss of glass occurred in the testing of our blast resistant windows, whereas flat glass will often crack or release glass fragments during a blast. These windows meet anti-terrorism standards for buildings Type I threats and Type II threats. Panel sizes range from 4’ x 4’ to 8’ x 8’ and are made with Clarity, Nubio, or Endura glass block patterns. These windows provide the beauty and light of glass with the utmost protection.

Prefabricated in steel or stainless-steel framework, security and detention glass block windows are designed to prevent forced entry.  The steel framework can be finished in a powder coat in any color or bead blasted for a stainless finish.  Glass block is available in 4” x 8”, 6” x 8”, or 8” x 8” VISTABRIK® solid glass block in a clear, stippled, or sandblasted finish.  These window systems are designed to meet UL 752 Ballistic Resistance, Levels 1 though 6.  To learn more about the security levels met by our security and detention glass block window systems, click here.

Fire resistant glass block window systems are crucial to safe building design. Fire ratings are available in 45-, 60-, 90-, and 120-minute ratings for window assemblies determined by the glass block pattern used. Choose from our Premiere™ Series, THICKSET® 60 Series, THICKSET® 90 Series, or solid VISTABRIK® glass block with STC levels of up to 53. GBA’s variety of fire-rated glass block products have been approved and rated in accordance with the Underwriters Laboratory (UL®) standards. Fire resistant glass block windows are perfect for zero-lot lines or where building codes require fire-resistant window assemblies.