Glass flooring systems have become increasingly popular over the past few decades.  Utilizing glass into the floor provides a unique walking surface while allowing light to penetrate below to surrounding areas.  Glass floors can be one of the most cost effective ways to add more natural light between floors as opposed to traditional artificial lighting.  Looking to create an advanced glass flooring system, SAFTI FIRST developed a fire resistive glass floor.  Fire resistive glass floors still allow for natural light to penetrate areas below while providing a fire rating of up to 120 minutes depending on application. 

Glass floors requiring a fire rating are intended to stop the spread of fire by acting as a barrier.  Traditional non-fire rated glass floors will break under the pressure of fire, similar to any non-fire rated window assembly.  This advanced fire rated glass floor system meets ASTM E-119/UL 263/ ULC-S101 up to 2 hours.  Additionally, the GPX Fire Floor System has the largest tested and listed fire rated glass floor panels for fire rated assemblies that are fully captured and butt-glazed.  

Add a Stunning Design Feature with the GPX FireFloor Glass Floor System

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Design Features+Options
GPX FireFloor Fire Rated Glass 
  • Large individual glass panel sizes maximize the amount of daylight passing between floors
  • FireFloor glass has the largest tested and listed individual glass panel size for 60 and 120 minute fire rated, load bearing floor applications
    • Maximum fully supported, butt-glazed individual panel area size of 82-3/8" x 85-3/16", or 7,017.3 sq. in., butt-glazed for 1 hour fire rated floor assemblies
    • Maximum fully supported and butt-glazed individual panel area size of 96-3/8" x 74-1/2", or 7,179.9 sq. in., for 2 hour fire rated floor assemblies
  • It offers the largest tested and listed sizes for 60 minute non-load bearing overhead glazing applications
  • FireFloors can be used in any interior and exterior application
  • Multiple frame finishes and glass make ups are available
  • Fire rated glass floor panels are available in:
    • Tempered laminated structural glass
    • Low iron tempered glass
    • Tinted tempered glass
    • Other custom options (contact our sales team to learn more!)
Individual Glass Panel Sizes - Load Bearing Applications
Fire Rating Application Max. Area Max. Width Max. Length
60 Minutes Fully Supported 7,0173.3 sq. in. 82-3/8 in. 85-3/16 in.
60 Minutes Butt-glazed 4,763.9 sq. in. 67-7/8 in.

70-3/16 in.

120 Minutes Fully Supported 7,179.9 sq. in. 96-3/8 in. 74-1/2 in.
120 Minutes Butt-glazed 7,179.9 sq. in. 96-3/8 in. 74-1/2 in.
Fire Resistive Glass

GPX FireFloor System is a fire resistive glass floor assembly.  What does it mean for glass to be fire resistive?  Fire resistive glass contains smoke, flames, and block the passage of radiant heat.  It limits the temperature rise on the non-fire side to 250°F above ambient even when the other side reaches temperatures over 1800°F.  Fire resistive floors are used in the same way designers utilize glass walls - to enhance the amount of natural light passing into a building. 

Fire Rated Glass Floor Installation

Fire resistive glass floor systems should be installed by a licensed contractor and following all approved shop drawings.

Project Highlight: 21C Museum Hotel

1 Hour Fire Resistant Glass Floor System

21c Museum Hotel in Nashville, TN features a glass floor on the 2nd level acting as a light well.  The transparent floor was required to meet a 1-hour fire resistive rating.  SAFTI First was able to work with the architect and glaziers to design a single glass unit comprised of non-slip rated Starphire tempered laminated glass.  The GPX FireFloor system was easy to install, which reduced the labor costs, giving this system even more appeal to the design and construction team.  The code-compliant fire rated glass floor certainly made a dramatic impact on the space.  

1-hour-fire-separation-between-floors | Fire Rated Glass Floor

Common Applications

  • + Glass Floor Balcony
  • + Glass Bridges
  • + Catwalks
  • + Glass Deck
  • + Display Floors
  • + Lobby Floors
  • + Glass Floor Loft
  • + Glass Floor Skylight
  • + Wine Cellars

The GBA Advantage

Whether you are a contractor looking for an easily installed product, a designer looking to create that "wow" feature, or a home owner looking to live luxuriously, we are ready to work with you.  GBA is an authorized distributor of SAFTI First Fire Rated Glass products.  With over 40 years of experience in testing, innovating, and providing technologically advanced fire rated glass and framing systems, SAFTI First continues to be the leading manufacturer of fire resistive glass in the USA.   

GBA is also an installer of glass block applications ranging from glass block pavers to historic glass block renovation projects. We have been installing glass block and walkable glass floor systems for over 35 years all across America. In addition, we have supplied glass block and glass block floor panels across the world to create dramatic design elements at Coach stores worldwide.

To discuss the possibility and advantages of incorporating fire rated glass floors, walls, or windows into your new construction or a remodel, contact one of the three numbers listed below or contact us to fill out our contact form.


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Glass Floor Frequently Asked Questions

Can glass be fire rated? Plus

Yes glass can be fire rated.  Safti First GPX Fire Floor System is designed in a 1-hour fire rated floor and 2-hour fire rated glass floor. 

What type of glass can withstand fire? Plus

Can laminated glass be fire rated? Plus

What is the highest fire rating glass can have? Plus