Windscreens + Elevator Enclosures

Glass block windscreens provide the right balance of visibility, impact resistance, and shelter for your next residential, commercial or transit project. Built tough to resist vandalism and provide shelter between you and the elements. Our systems require minimal maintenance and are ideal for increasing natural lighting. Glass block can offer more options of privacy than standard glass. Various patterns and finishes allow you to choose your level of privacy for any project or application. Perfectly suited for rooftops, balconies, transit platforms and other creative applications. Perfect for where a creative and sturdy glass barrier wall is wanted.

Design Features + Options:

  • Pattern Options:
    • Clear or frosted
  • VISTABRIK® Nominal Sizes: 8” x 8” x 3” | 6” x 8” x 3” | 4” x 8” x 3” | 8” x 8” x 1.5”
  • Frame Options:
    • Standard masonry construction, aluminum, or steel framework available
  • Finish Options:
    • Standard Aluminum Channel is mill finished, anodized clear, or a bronze powder coating is also available
  • Glass Transparency: Up to 92% visible light transmission or lower depending on glass block pattern
  • Sound Transmission Range up to 53 stc (depending on glass block used)
  • Compressive Strength up to 80,000 psi (depending on glass block used)