Design Features+Options
Glass Paver Design
  • Glass paver sizes available:
    • 6” and 8” square modules
    • Historic prisms and other sizes available upon request 
  • Glass paver textures:
    • Clear or sandblasted top surface to meet higher anti-slip requirement
  • Glass Pavers are Fully Engineered and Tested to meet a live load of 100 lbs. PSF or greater
Architectural Steel Options
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel
Finish Options

When using steel framework in this glass paver system it can be finished with a epoxy primer 2-part urethane high gloss top coat available in white or black.  If using stainless steel as framework for this system, it can be finished with a non-directional bead blast finish.

  • Custom colors and other stainless steel finishes are also available
Load Capabilities

Steel and glass paver panels are designed to include square glass pavers into a structural steel framework custom engineered to meet each projects' specific load requirements.  This system can be engineered for commercial or residential live loads, and can even be customized to meet severe loading requirements (e.g. ASHTO HS 20-44). The overall thickness and weight will vary on span, loading, and aesthetic requirements.  Stamped engineered drawings are available for all 50 states and Canada.

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Skylights have been used in many projects since the early 1900’s to let natural light pass through to interior spaces in North America and Europe. Our products are engineered and prefabricated to meet today’s structural loading requirements.  The combination of steel with the glass pavers offers greater support for high amounts of heavy traffic.  We offer a variety of glazing and steel options to elevate the appearance and function of any project.  Additionally, our design team has the capabilities to customize our steel and glass paver panels to meet any projects requirements.  Our system which helps light penetrate to below areas is ideal for any application where the addition of natural light is desired.

Steel Pavers Floor Pic 3

Common Applications

  • + Glass Floor Balcony
  • + Glass Paver Bridges
  • + Catwalks
  • + Glass Decks
  • + Lobby Floors
  • + Glass Block Loft
  • + Glass Floor Skylight
  • + Stair Landings
Care+ Cleaning of Steel and Glass Paver Panels

It is incredibly easy to keep the steel and glass paver panels maintained.  In fact, our steel and glass pavers panels require little to no maintenance.  Should the glass panels become dirty or need maintenance, use a microfiber cloth with some water and a non-abrasive soap to wipe down the glass paver and steel panels.  

Add a Stunning Design Feature with Glass Pavers

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The GBA Advantage

GBA Architectural Products + Services has been installing glass pavers and glass floors all across America.  Architects and builders have come to GBA for our expertise, knowledge, and ability to install any project.  Whether it be an residential glass floor, glass block wall, or structural skylight, look no further than GBA.  Our wide range of products available allow us to help customize any product to meet any   We offer design consultation, custom fabrication, exquisite craftsmanship, and so much more.  


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