Providing an educational and interactive learning space for the children of Prince George County was one of the top priorities for the Laurel Library Expansion. The expansion includes Children’s Room which houses multiple interactive areas that all encompass the adored dinosaur theme. Completing this project was an undertaking that would not have been possible without the other companies included.

NARDI Construction, Inc, founded in 1978 and was chosen to lead this project. Their expertise has landed them two American Concrete Institute (ACI) Concrete Tilt-Up Certifications, which only 107 professionals worldwide hold.

Grimm + Parker Architects was the lead architect on the library expansion. Their goal for any project is make their communities wonderful places to live, learn and play. Grimm + Parker focuses on the design of schools, libraries, mix-use developments, multi-family residential spaces, and a wide array of cultural and civic buildings. Their expertise in the design of libraries made them the perfect architect to bring the vision to life.

This vision included “a special “Kid’s Only” cave entrance, glowing dinosaur footprints that lead visitors through the area, a volcano seating area, a life-size replica of a Nanotyrannus skeleton embedded under a glass floor, a story time room housing a baby Saber-toothed Tiger lair (with paw prints running up the wall and across the ceiling), and a study area encased in a Brontosaurus ribcage.” Providing and installing the glass floor for the replica of the dinosaur was GBAs pride and joy on the project.

To complete the delivery and install of the glass floor, GBA was the preferred contractor. We used our GlassWalk™ flooring system to create the interactive experience desired. With a replica of the Nanotyrannus skeleton below, GBA created a glass floor to protect the exhibit but allow a clear view for all to see. The system utilized a clear anodized aluminum support frame providing a seamless marriage of the glass and surrounding floor finishes. The framing members and the glass had to be premanufactured to the exact radius and dimensions. The glass panels had a transparent perforation frit pattern, which allows viewers to see through completely to admire the skeleton while still maintaining the anti-slip properties of regular flooring.

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