Glass Bricks

Architecture, Glass Block

Glass block isn’t just for basement windows anymore. Because of their versatility and luminosity, glass bricks have become architects most desirable choice. They have the ability to brighten spaces while still providing a clean and modern look in homes, offices, schools, and many other places.

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History of Glass Block Architecture | Glass Block Wall

Glass Block

A History of Glass Block Architecture

Glass is one of man’s most important and lasting inventions. Throughout the history of glass usage, it has been reimagined and adapted to applications ranging from dinnerware to packaging, to biotechnology and fiber optics, and to so much more. Glass is a critical component in windows, doors, and other interior features such as mirrors, picture frames, decorative vases, and bottles.  It is also one of many elements architects and designers look to use when adding a "wow" factor to any project.  At GBA, our line of walkable glass systems includes the largest supply of glass block in the United States, which means we have the custom glass wall or glass walking surface solution for you.  

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Fire Rated Glass Block | Safety Info

Fire Rated Glass Block, Safety, Glass Block

The Safety and Durability of Fire Rated Glass Block

Attractive, durable, energy-efficient, and capable of illuminating any space, fire rated glass block is endowed with inherent fire-resistant properties. In many fire-safe buildings, fire rated glass block structural components provide an additional level of safety that wood and drywall cannot. Whether for interior walls, stairwells, flooring, or exterior cladding and windows, structural fire rated glass block adds pleasing aesthetics and natural light while providing an added measure of fire protection.

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6 Finishes to Complete Any Glass Block Project

Interior Finishes, Design, Glass Block

The Finishing Touch on Your Glass Block Project

It is no secret that glass block is a dynamic, adaptable building material used to create everything from desks to partition walls to pet kennels. With hundreds of patterns, shapes, and finishes available to designers and architects, the possibilities are virtually endless when working with glass block. The idea of a glass block accent wall can be an exciting home or office improvement project, but it begs the question - how do you finish the end of the glass block wall so that it looks appealing? 

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Vault Lights | Durable Vaulted Sidewalk Pavement Lights

Architecture, Vault Lights

Vault Lights |  Concrete and Cast Iron Vaulted Sidewalk

Vault Lights: The Beginning

Vault lights were invented in 1845 by Thaddeus Hyatt, and were initially used on ship decks to provide light below without using hazardous, open flame-producing instruments. These durable glass features were later mounted in concrete and cast iron panels and installed in city sidewalks to admit light into basements and spaces below.

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Custom Glass Deck Panels | Attain a Unique Glass Deck Floor

Design, Structural Glass

Creating an Outdoor Glass Deck Floor

Glass Deck Panels / Maintaining a Glass Deck / GBA

Creating an exterior deck made of glass sounds daunting, as there are so many different flooring types to choose from. After all, a glass deck is a great opportunity for complete customization. While some homeowners want their deck to be private, others may opt for a bright space fit for entertaining. 

In addition, a lot of people worry about the safety and durability of the glass when exposed to the elements.  Not only can GBA's structural glass be used for decks but our glass stair treads also have the option to be used outdoors.  Using a combination of glass and aluminum framing, our glass floors are engineered to be structurally sound glass flooring systems.  Glass decks offer the versatility of a structural glass floor while elevating the outdoor experience.  

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Glass Floors in Houses

Interior Finishes, Structural Glass, Daylighting

Residential Glass Floor Systems

Glass floors and walkways are becoming increasingly popular among home owners and interior designers.  When engineered properly, glass can be strong enough to withstand the weight of a vehicle!  Of course structural glass has more benefits than its strength.  Glass floors in houses offer a unique accent to any wood, tile, stone, or concrete floor.  Whether you construct a mezzanine, a whole floor, or just a corner of the floor with glass it is sure to make your house more appealing and inspiring.  

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Walkable Glass Skylights | Customizable Glass Flooring Systems

Structural Glass, Daylighting

Benefits / Business Structure Skylights / Skylight Applications / GBA

When it comes to the purchase of a building, residential or commercial, the space is what draws you in.  Glass has the ability to bring light and create a warm sense of openness thanks to its transparency and timeless aesthetic. In many buildings, natural light is limited, which is why home and property owners look to walkable glass skylights and flooring systems for a solution. Walkable glass skylights allow natural light flow into lower areas of your building, creating a beautiful space that feels larger and more open. Here at GBA, our skylights come in both traditional glass as well as walkable sidewalk skylight applications that combine glass pavers with cast iron or concrete. 

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What Are Glass Block Accent Walls?

Offices, Glass Block

When you hear accent walls, what do you think of? Maybe it’s your grandmas tacky dining room wall paper or maybe a DIY board and batten wall gone wrong. We are here to change the way you think of accent walls and let you know how aesthetically pleasing and practical they can be, especially when it is made out of glass block. Many associate glass block and glass bricks with the outdated architectural styles from the 1980s. With modern technology and design experts, glass block is being used in renovations of industrial lofts and restaurants, vintage storefront windows, and even as dividing walls between offices.

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Glass Block Windscreens

Transportation, Glass Block

What is a windscreen?

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