Hurricane Glass Block: A Safe and Beautiful Addition

Glass Block, Hurricane Resistant

Enhancing Hurricane Resilience with Glass Block: A Guide for Builders and Architects

In many regions of the U.S. and the world, the ability of a structure to withstand the forces of nature, especially hurricanes, is paramount. Hurricane glass block, a cutting-edge solution, has emerged as a versatile and durable option for builders and architects seeking to enhance both the safety and aesthetics of their projects. In this informative guide, we will explore the unique features, benefits, and applications of hurricane glass block, shedding light on why it is becoming an increasingly popular choice in hurricane-prone regions.

Understanding Hurricane Glass Block:

Hurricane glass block, also known as impact-resistant glass block, is specially designed to resist the destructive forces unleashed during hurricanes and severe storms. Composed of durable, fortified glass, these blocks are engineered to withstand high-velocity winds, debris impact, and extreme weather conditions that accompany hurricanes. The construction involves layers of tempered and laminated glass, creating a robust barrier that enhances both the structural integrity and safety of buildings.

Key Features and Benefits

Impact Resistance

Hurricane glass block is crafted to withstand impact from airborne debris, a common occurrence during hurricanes. The multi-layered composition, typically including tempered and laminated glass, ensures that the blocks remain intact even when subjected to strong forces, preventing breakage and maintaining the structural integrity of the building.

High Wind Resistance

Engineered to resist high-velocity winds associated with hurricanes, these glass blocks provide an effective barrier against wind-driven rain and debris. This feature is crucial for preventing water infiltration and maintaining the building's envelope integrity during a hurricane.

Natural Light Integration

Despite its robust nature, hurricane glass block doesn't compromise on aesthetics. It allows the seamless integration of natural light into interior spaces, creating a bright and open atmosphere. This feature is particularly appealing for architects looking to design hurricane-resistant structures without sacrificing the benefits of daylighting.

Energy Efficiency

Hurricane glass block contributes to energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. The translucent nature of the blocks allows sunlight to penetrate while maintaining thermal insulation, creating a comfortable and energy-efficient environment.

Hurricane Glass Block from GBA

When architects and builders need to plan for the worst nature has to offer, GBA sells and installs Lightwise® High Performance Glass Block systems. Lightwise® is renowned for its reliability and flexibility to create innovative and beautiful spaces that stand up to hurricane-force winds and impact from flying debris. The window assemblies are recognized and approved by Miami-Dade County (Florida), the Texas Department of Insurance, and the state of Florida. GBA can deliver, ship, and/or install the units as preassembled glass block windows. Lightwise® glass can be customized for transparency or privacy. Furthermore, the finish of the aluminum framing is also customizable. Three glass patterns are offered: Nubio, Clarity, and Endura.

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Glass Walls: Practical and Appealing


As an architect or designer, you can satisfy your clients’ desire for abundant natural light, a sense of openness, and their needs for privacy. The solution lies in stylish glass blocks, glass bricks, or prefabricated glass wall panels.

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Glass Block Suppliers: Glass Block Evolution

Glass Block, Glass Block Suppliers

Glass Blocks From Glass Block Suppliers

Glass blocks have emerged as a unique and versatile architectural element that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. These translucent building blocks offer a range of benefits, from providing privacy and natural light to enhancing interior and exterior designs. In this exploration of glass blocks, we delve into their history, applications, advantages, and considerations for their installation.

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Glass Block Company: Are Glass Blocks Making a Comeback?

Glass Block, Glass Block Company

Are Glass Blocks Making a Comeback? Thoughts From a Glass Block Company

Glass blocks are experiencing a resurgence in architectural and interior design circles.

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Vintage Glass Blocks Resurgence: A Timeless & Versatile Design Choice

The history of glass block dates back to the early 1900s when it was first introduced as a building material.  It was initially used for industrial purposes, such as factory windows and skylights, due to its durability and ability to let in natural light.  However, it wasn't until the mid-20th century, during the Art Deco period, that glass blocks gained immense popularity in architectural design.  Architects and designers were drawn to the sleek and modern aesthetic that glass blocks offered, making them a staple in both commercial and residential buildings. 

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Glass Block Walls: Stylish, Versatile, and Affordable Design Elements

Glass block walls, also known as glass block accents, are a versatile and stylish addition to any space.  These architectural features have gained popularity among our clients, who have affectionately referred to them as accent walls, glass walls, and glass block accents.  With their ability to allow natural light to filter through while maintaining privacy, glass block walls add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.  As accent walls, glass block walls serve as a focal point, drawing attention and adding visual interest to an otherwise plain space.  Glass walls, another term used to describe glass block walls, provide a seamless and open concept design.  By incorporating these walls into a space, natural light can flow freely, brightening up the area and creating a sense of spaciousness.  Whether used in offices, retail spaces, or residential homes, glass walls create a visually stunning environment that promotes productivity, creativity, and a sense of well-being. Glass block walls are a multifunctional and visually appealing addition to any space.  Whether used to create a stunning focal point or to enhance natural light and privacy, glass block walls are a timeless choice that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any environment.

What are glass block walls called? 

Glass block walls, also known as glass block accents, are a versatile and stylish addition to any space. These architectural features have gained popularity among our clients, who have affectionately referred to them as accent walls, glass walls, and glass block accents. With their ability to allow natural light to filter through while maintaining privacy, glass block walls add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.

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Glass Balcony Floors: The Ultimate Guide to Glass Balconies

Design, Architecture, Structural Glass

Glass floor balconies are becoming the newest trend in modern architecture and outdoor design.  With their sleek and contemporary aesthetic, glass balconies add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.  This innovative design blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a unique and captivating experience for those who enjoy spending time on their balconies.  Whether you live in a bustling urban environment or a tranquil countryside, a glass floor balcony is the perfect addition to elevate your outdoor living experience.  So, why not embrace the latest trend and bring a sense of modern elegance to your home with a glass floor balcony?

What do you call a glass balcony? 

A glass balcony can refer to two things: the floor of the balcony being made entirely of transparent glass or the railing incorporating glass panels.  When the floor of a balcony is made of glass, it adds a touch of modern elegance and allows for uninterrupted views of the surroundings.  Imagine standing on a glass balcony, feeling as though you are floating in the air, with a breathtaking panoramic view of the city skyline or the serene beauty of nature.  It creates a unique and captivating experience, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.  Our structural glass flooring is perfect for use on a glass balcony.

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The Rise of Floating Glass Stairs: A Contemporary Design Choice

Design, Architecture, Structural Glass

Modern trends in stairs have seen a significant increase in the use of glass for floating stairs, revolutionizing the way we perceive staircases in modern homes and office spaces.  This contemporary and visually striking design choice has quickly become a favorite among homeowners and interior designers alike, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.  The allure of glass floating stairs lies in their ability to create a seamless and weightless aesthetic, transforming a functional element into a captivating work of art.  By utilizing tempered glass treads, these stairs exude an air of modernity and transparency, allowing light to flow through and create a sense of openness in the surrounding area.

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Glass Block Windows: Cost, Labor, Lifespan, and Differences Explained

Installation, Architecture, Glass Block

What is the average cost for glass block windows? 

The price range for glass block windows can vary significantly due to several factors.  These include the window's size, the level of intricacy in its design, the type of glass block used, and the associated installation costs.  Design plays a crucial role, with basic glass block windows being more affordable compared to their decorative or custom counterparts.  Moreover, larger windows naturally demand higher costs due to the increased materials and labor required during installation.  Speaking of installation, its costs can fluctuate based on factors like location and complexity.  It's worth noting that additional fees may apply for the removal and proper disposal of existing windows.

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From Sizes to Styles: A Guide to Glass Blocks in Modern Architecture

Design, Architecture, Glass Block

Glass blocks have become an increasingly popular element in modern architecture, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to buildings and spaces. From sizes to styles, there is a comprehensive range of glass blocks available that cater to the unique needs and design preferences of architects and designers. With their ability to seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetic appeal, glass blocks have found their way into various architectural projects, from residential homes to commercial buildings and even public spaces. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of glass blocks, exploring their different sizes, styles, and the endless possibilities they offer in transforming the way we perceive and experience architecture. So, whether you are an architect looking for inspiration or a homeowner considering incorporating glass blocks into your space, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions and unleash your creativity in the realm of modern architecture.

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