Glass Floors in Houses

Interior Finishes, Structural Glass, Daylighting

Residential Glass Floor Systems

Glass floors and walkways are becoming increasingly popular among home owners and interior designers.  When engineered properly, glass can be strong enough to withstand the weight of a vehicle!  Of course structural glass has more benefits than its strength.  Glass floors in houses offer a unique accent to any wood, tile, stone, or concrete floor.  Whether you construct a mezzanine, a whole floor, or just a corner of the floor with glass it is sure to make your house more appealing and inspiring.  

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Walkable Glass Skylights | Customizable Glass Flooring Systems

Structural Glass, Daylighting

Benefits / Business Structure Skylights / Skylight Applications / GBA

When it comes to the purchase of a building, residential or commercial, the space is what draws you in.  Glass has the ability to bring light and create a warm sense of openness thanks to its transparency and timeless aesthetic. In many buildings, natural light is limited, which is why home and property owners look to walkable glass skylights and flooring systems for a solution. Walkable glass skylights allow natural light flow into lower areas of your building, creating a beautiful space that feels larger and more open. Here at GBA, our skylights come in both traditional glass as well as walkable sidewalk skylight applications that combine glass pavers with cast iron or concrete. 

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Design, Architecture, Glass Block, Daylighting

Daylighting: The Future of Architecture

Daylighting design strategies pertain to managing the admittance of natural light in the form of direct or diffused sunlight into a home or building. With the strategic use of skylights, windows, and glass block, artificial lighting requirements can be reduced without compromising heating and cooling capability.

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