Zero Lot Line Construction

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Zero Lot Lines

What is a Zero Lot Line House?
A zero lot line house is a piece of residential property where the house comes up or very near to the edge of the property line. Zero lot lines typically contain one side yard, whereas traditional houses include two side yards – one on either side of the house. A variety of properties can be considered zero lot lines, including town homes, garden homes, and row houses.

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Fire Rated Glass Block | Safety Info

Fire Rated Glass Block, Safety, Glass Block

The Safety and Durability of Fire Rated Glass Block

Attractive, durable, energy-efficient, and capable of opening up dead and dark spaces, fire rated glass block is endowed with inherent fire-resistant properties. In many fire-safe buildings, fire rated glass block structural components furnish an additional level of safety that wood and drywall cannot. Whether for interior walls, stairwells, flooring, or exterior cladding and windows, structural fire rated glass block adds pleasing aesthetics and light while providing an added measure of fire protection.

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