Glass Balcony Floors: The Ultimate Guide to Glass Balconies

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Glass floor balconies are becoming the newest trend in modern architecture and outdoor design.  With their sleek and contemporary aesthetic, glass balconies add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.  This innovative design blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a unique and captivating experience for those who enjoy spending time on their balconies.  Whether you live in a bustling urban environment or a tranquil countryside, a glass floor balcony is the perfect addition to elevate your outdoor living experience.  So, why not embrace the latest trend and bring a sense of modern elegance to your home with a glass floor balcony?

What do you call a glass balcony? 

A glass balcony can refer to two things: the floor of the balcony being made entirely of transparent glass or the railing incorporating glass panels.  When the floor of a balcony is made of glass, it adds a touch of modern elegance and allows for uninterrupted views of the surroundings.  Imagine standing on a glass balcony, feeling as though you are floating in the air, with a breathtaking panoramic view of the city skyline or the serene beauty of nature.  It creates a unique and captivating experience, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.  Our structural glass flooring is perfect for use on a glass balcony.

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The Rise of Floating Glass Stairs: A Contemporary Design Choice

Design, Architecture, Structural Glass

Modern trends in stairs have seen a significant increase in the use of glass for floating stairs, revolutionizing the way we perceive staircases in modern homes and office spaces.  This contemporary and visually striking design choice has quickly become a favorite among homeowners and interior designers alike, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.  The allure of glass floating stairs lies in their ability to create a seamless and weightless aesthetic, transforming a functional element into a captivating work of art.  By utilizing tempered glass treads, these stairs exude an air of modernity and transparency, allowing light to flow through and create a sense of openness in the surrounding area.

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Glass Floors: The Ultimate in Modern Design

Design, Architecture, Structural Glass

The Beauty and Functionality of Glass Floors

Glass floors offer a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. They are a unique and modern addition to any space that can completely transform the look and feel of the area. The beauty of glass floors lies in their sleek and sophisticated appearance. They provide a luminous and airy atmosphere, thanks to their ability to allow natural light to pass through. This feature not only enhances the overall look of the space but also creates an illusion of spaciousness.

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Custom Glass Deck Panels | Attain a Unique Glass Deck Floor

Design, Structural Glass

Creating an Outdoor Glass Deck Floor

Glass Deck Panels / Maintaining a Glass Deck / GBA

Creating an exterior deck made of glass sounds daunting, as there are so many different flooring types to choose from. After all, a glass deck is a great opportunity for complete customization. While some homeowners want their deck to be private, others may opt for a bright space fit for entertaining. 

In addition, a lot of people worry about the safety and durability of the glass when exposed to the elements.  Not only can GBA's structural glass be used for decks but our glass stair treads also have the option to be used outdoors.  Using a combination of glass and aluminum framing, our glass floors are engineered to be structurally sound glass flooring systems.  Glass decks offer the versatility of a structural glass floor while elevating the outdoor experience.  

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Glass Floors in Houses

Interior Finishes, Structural Glass, Daylighting

Residential Glass Floor Systems

Glass floors and walkways are becoming increasingly popular among home owners and interior designers.  When engineered properly, glass can be strong enough to withstand the weight of a vehicle!  Of course structural glass has more benefits than its strength.  Glass floors in houses offer a unique accent to any wood, tile, stone, or concrete floor.  Whether you construct a mezzanine, a whole floor, or just a corner of the floor with glass it is sure to make your house more appealing and inspiring.  

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Walkable Glass Skylights | Customizable Glass Flooring Systems

Structural Glass, Daylighting

Benefits / Business Structure Skylights / Skylight Applications / GBA

When it comes to the purchase of a building, residential or commercial, the space is what draws you in.  Glass has the ability to bring light and create a warm sense of openness thanks to its transparency and timeless aesthetic. In many buildings, natural light is limited, which is why home and property owners look to walkable glass skylights and flooring systems for a solution. Walkable glass skylights allow natural light flow into lower areas of your building, creating a beautiful space that feels larger and more open. Here at GBA, our skylights come in both traditional glass as well as walkable sidewalk skylight applications that combine glass pavers with cast iron or concrete. 

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Historic Glass Block Renovations: Main Street Station

Historic Glass Block Renovation, Structural Glass

Historic Glass Block Renovations:

Main Street Station

Architect: SMBW Architects

General Contractor: Taylor & Parrish Construction

Owner: City of Richmond Department of General Services

Main Street Station: The History

In 1901, the Main Street Station was built in the heart of Richmond, Virginia. Served by Amtrak, the historic Main Street Station served as not only a transit station but as offices and an entertainment venue as well. The station was built by a firm from Philadelphia, Wilson, Harris, and Richards in an exquisite Second Renaissance Revival Style. By the 1920s, the station had over 20 trains passing through the station each day.

Main Street Station was faced with tragic events that would cause Amtrak to move its service to the Staple Mills Road station in Henrico. In 1972, the station suffered from severe water damage when Hurricane Agnes hit Virginia causing Main Street Station to flood. The following years would only lead to more damage, the fires of 1976 and 1983 which caused significant damage to the upper floors of the station.

Following these catastrophic events, renovations of the station took place and by the early 2000s, the rail service was able to return to Main Street Station.


The Glass Block Renovation

Encasing the history of the Main Street Station was the most important aspect of this project. GBA Architectural Products + Services worked alongside Taylor & Parrish Construction and SMBW Architects to complete the preservation of the Main Street Station. Transforming this historic station into a modern venue for food markets, restaurants and cultural attractions was the upmost goal of the renovation.

In 2016, SMBW Architects created the design to be a GlassWalk™ multi-product approach to showcase the history below.  This project included two different types of GBA floor systems on the second floor of the station. One system being the GlassWalk™ Structural Glass (SG) and framing elements. The Structural Glass system was used to showcase pieces of the original train tracks under the clear glass. This allows visitors to admire a small piece of the stations history while still providing a functional environment for events.

The second system that was used was our GlassWalk™ Glass Paver (GP) system. The system was used within the renovation to create a unique appearance while still allowing natural light to transcend to the lower levels of the station. GBA completed the GlassWalk™ Structural Glass and Glass Paver systems in 2017.


Main Street Station: The Final Product

The unique historical features of the Main Street Station make it an amazing place to hold many different types of events. Main Street Station is currently in the top 5 of the 15 most unique wedding venues in the world, according to The Main Street Station website states, they will continue to showcase the uniqueness of the station and create “a transportation hub and a community gathering-place.” With plans to transform the station into a multi-modal transportation center, it will remain one of Richmond, Virginias most historic buildings.


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GBA Architectural Products & Services is a North American supplier of world-class glass block materials for interior and exterior applications. For over 30 years, the company has collaborated with professional builders and homeowners with many unique structural glass products that render beautiful and economical functionality in a broad range of scenarios.

GBA glass block products have been used in office designs, exterior claddings, walkways, and glass staircases throughout North America to admit natural light while optimizing the use of interior space.

For more information about vault lights and other glass block architecture for offices or other applications, contact GBA Architectural Products & Services.

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Top 5 Glass Block Architectural Projects of 2019

Glass Block, Structural Glass, Project

GBA Architectural Products + Services had a very exciting 2019 as we worked on many exciting architectural projects, bringing new life to buildings with the addition of glass block and structural glass. We had the privilege of working with some of the best architects and contractors in the world. All of the projects we participated in were exciting and complex challenges that left us with a rewarding feeling when completed.

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6 Ways to Use Architectural Glass Outdoors

Glass Block, Structural Glass

Incorporating Glass Block + Structural Glass Outdoors

As summertime quickly approaches, home and building owners are beginning to tackle the outdoor projects that they have been planning throughout the colder winter months.  Finding the right outdoor design to elevate your living space can be a difficult task, especially when restrained by limited space.  There is no need to be hesitant about closing off natural light sources though when incorporating glass into your outdoor design.  Whether it's a small balcony or a large backyard, enhanced outdoor spaces encourage time spent outdoors can provide a number of personal and health benefits for occupants.

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5 Myths About Structural Glass Floor

Structural Glass

Structural Glass Floor

Modern materials that once seemed unfeasible for particular purposes are commonplace now. Modern airplanes like the Boeing 787 are built mainly of carbon fiber rather than metals. Automobiles consist of a high percentage of plastics and glass fibers due to their strength and structural rigidity.

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