LightWise® Hurricane Resistant Glass Block Windows

Our windows are unique in their use of glass block as the glazing option. With the many pattern options glass block offers, you can create just the right amount of natural lighting desired.  These windows have been recognized and approved by Miami-Date County in Florida, the State of Florida, and Texas Department of Insurance.  Panels are preassembled for easy installation. The panels are ideal for use in residential and commercial applications in new or existing construction. Our windows provide excellent light transmission with protection against hurricane force winds and flying debris. 

Design Features + Options:

  • Glass Block Options: Clarity, Nubio, or Endura patterns available
  • Glass Transparency: Transparent or somewhat obscured with glass block patterns
  • Frame Options: Aluminum
  • Finish Options: Aluminum channel is clear anodized, bronze or white
    • Powder coating is also available
  • Design Criteria: Meets large missile impact tests referenced in the International Building Code in accordance with ASTM E-1886 and ASTM E-1996
  • Tested to Miami-Dade County approval protocols TAS 201, 202, 203
  • Window size and Design pressure Rating 4' x 8' = 80 PSF Design Pressure