Structural Glass Deck Systems

A deck can be described as a structure that acts as a raised horizontal floor without any enclosed walls or roofs.  Decks have traditionally been installed using wood or other similar materials.  When building a deck with wood, it tends to block natural light from passing through to surrounding areas.  Wood decks also require regular maintenance from sealing to staining.  A well-designed deck can act as an extension of any home, creating an escape to the outdoors.  

A great example for glass deck applications is homes in New York which have limited backyard space with a tall, narrow home design.  Owners of these homes look for unique solutions to maximizing their outdoor space.  Structural glass decks are designed and engineered to be safe for the intended live load requirements.  By adding a glass deck to any second story in a taller home, it helps let natural light flow through the glass deck and into windows or other spaces below.  Additionally, a glass deck can add value to your home in other ways too!

Glass Decking Ideas
Structural All-Glass Deck System

When adding a deck to any home or building, structural glass can be the perfect design product.  Glass allows you to feel visually connected to the spaces below and surrounding the deck.  Structural glass deck systems can use low-iron glass or standard glass.  Low iron glass is known for its more modern, crystal clear look in comparison to standard glass which has a blue-green tint to it.  Furthermore, our line of traction control frit patterns can be added to the top surface of the glass for added slip resistance.  The glass can also be sand blasted on the top layer for additional slip resistance and more privacy.  


Glass Paver Deck

The GlassWalk product line started with the classic 8" glass paver floor system.  Structural glass pavers in a prisma or concentric circle pattern are placed into the aluminum grid framing system.  The system is designed for a simple installation where GBA will provides all components of the system cut to size and ready to install.  Elevate any glass deck application with the addition of LED lighting underneath.  This can really set the mood for outdoor entertaining or simply just personal enjoyment of your home.  Structural glass pavers are designed to meet live load requirements.  Our glass paver system is not just meant for outdoor applications, it can also be used for interior glass floors, decks, balconies, or any other application you dream up! 


Roof Deck with Glass

New York City is a prime example for glass floor installations in a roof deck application.  In general townhomes and apartments in NYC utilize rooftop space to create entertainment and relaxation areas as these homes do not typically have much, if any, yard space.  Adding structural glass floor panels can help to let natural light down into the spaces below.  Any glass panels added to a rooftop will need to be insulated and waterproofed to protect the inside of your home.  Glass planks can easily be incorporated to any roof deck, installed to be flush with the finished flooring elevation. 

Glass Plank and Steel (32) 

Add a Stunning Design Feature with a Glass Deck

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The GBA Advantage

Whether you are a contractor looking for a ready-to-go glass deck kit, a designer looking to create that "wow" feature, or a home owner looking to live luxuriously, we are ready to work with you. With the full line of structural glass floor systems including structural glass, glass stairs, and glass pavers, GBA has the perfect solution for any project.  We're committed to bringing your beautiful glass deck design idea to a reality.

GBA is also an installer of glass block applications ranging from glass block pavers to glass block systems engineered for security and detention centers, hurricane resistance, fire resistance, blast resistance, and even tornado resistance. We have been installing glass block and walkable glass floor systems for over 35 years all across America. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Decks

What is glass decking? Plus

Glass decking refers to a design where glass panels are incorporated into the flooring of a deck, creating a transparent or semi-transparent surface that is safe and sturdy enough to walk on. These glass panels are typically made of tempered or laminated safety glass, providing durability and strength. Glass decking is favored for its modern and open aesthetic, allowing for unobstructed views while maintaining a functional outdoor space. Proper installation is crucial to ensure safety, often involving secure framing and compliance with local building codes. It provides a contemporary and visually appealing solution for those seeking a unique and stylish deck design.