Design Features+Options
Structural Glass Floor Design
  • Standard glass (green/blue hue) or low-iron glass for a crystal-clear look
  • Fully transparent, fully translucent, or anything in between
  • Slip Resistant Options
    • Traction control ceramic frits, acid etched Walker Textures, or sandblasting offer excellent anti-slip qualities and is perfect for wet or dry conditions
    • Clear or Colored Interlayers are available to add a splash of color to your project
    • Digital Printing or Silk Screening can be applied to your glass panel to provide a unique feature to your project
  • Custom shapes and sizes available
  • 2 or 3-ply laminated glass units

One major concern of the glass floors is the level of privacy a person walking on the glass has. By acid-etching the glass or changing the transparency of the glass, you can create the desired level of privacy for those walking on your glass floor. Despite changing the transparency or adding additional frit patterns, the natural light pouring through the glass will not change.

Architectural Grade Aluminum Grid System
  • 6063-T6 aluminum is both light weight and super strong
  • Framework finishes come in a clear anodized, matte silver finish
  • Framework can also be powder coated to match any color to meet your project's color scheme
  • Designed to match any custom shaped glass floor
  • Aluminum structural members have up to 25% post-consumer recycled content
Glass Floor Engineering
  • Fully engineered and tested to meet a live load of 125 lbs. PSF
  • Stamped engineered drawings are available for all 50 states and Canada

GBA encourages the use of an engineered glass floor system like our GlassWalk™ floor system. We design the glass to fit flush within your desired opening, to withstand live load requirements, and be structurally sound to ensure the safety of glass flooring panels. Adding your own glass panels found elsewhere and not approved by our design team can create an unsafe walking area. GBA provides design assistance and engineered drawings when required to ensure an easy installation of the glass floor panels. The aluminum grid, spanning members, and glass panels will be shipped to you and designed to fit into your opening.


Structural glass floor panels over historic railroad tracks at Main Street Station in Richmond, VA.

Historic Glass Floor Applications

GBA is the perfect partner in any historic renovation project, ranging from glass block to structural glass floors. The presence of historic features probably means that you've purchased a building that may require conservation when it comes to renovations. Thankfully, a glass floor can satisfy any legal obligations while ensuring the renovated space looks beautiful. Glass floor systems are the perfect product to display centuries of history below your feet while protecting the space for years to come. Not only does this preserve important history, but it creates a point of interest that guests will remember.

Add a Stunning Design Feature with a Walkable Glass Bridge

We're the leader in glass floors and glass panels from concept through final installation

Glass Flooring Installation

Before installing your glass floor system, it is important to thoroughly read all directions, construction details, and provided drawings. Wear gloves and use caution when installing the any of the metal framework that has sharp edges. Avoid any rough treatment, dropping, and scratching of the framework during the assembly of the aluminum. Most importantly, when installing your glass floor system, refer to your approved shop drawings for the required opening dimensions and the glass floor dimensions.

Each structural glass floor is shipped as a complete kit to simplify the installation process. GlassWalk™ systems are designed to be set in a safe, supported opening to support the weight of the floor while also holding live loads as required by building codes. All of the elements provided to you will be precut to the exact project specifications.


In certain applications, GBA can produce high load structural glass floors that can handle the weight of cars, trucks, or any other vehicle.

GlassWalk™ glass flooring systems are easy to install. When installing a structural glass floor, precut silicone cushions are set on each side of the grid opening prior to placing the glass panels. Once the perimeter is in place, it is time to install the spanners as needed, per project specifications, followed by the structural glass floor panels. Our glass flooring system is designed to be set in an opening that has a containment ledge to support the typical self-weight of 14.3 psf.

Common Applications

  • + Access Flooring
  • + Glass Floor Balcony
  • + Glass Bridges
  • + Catwalks
  • + Glass Deck
  • + Display Floors
  • + Glass House Floor
  • + Lobby Floors
  • + Glass Floor Loft
  • + Glass Floor Skylight
  • + Stair Landings
  • + Wine Cellars
Care+ Cleaning of Glass Floor Systems
Cleaning the Structural Glass Floors

Routine cleaning is an important part of maintaining the beauty of your glass floor, especially when the glass is used in an exterior application such as a glass deck. Deposits left on outdoor glass balconies can corrode the glass and permanently stain the surface. To wash an exterior glass floor, first rinse the glass with water to remove any dirt. Once the glass is soaked, use an abrasive free detergent and soft brush to wipe the glass. We advise using a squeegee to dry the glass, or a cloth to dry any water around the gasket, frame, or sealant.

The same non-abrasive cleaning practice should be used for your interior glass floor as well. When drying your glass floor inside, it is best to dry with a soft towel before using a squeegee to remove any water streaks in the glass. If anything remains on the glass floor after cleaning it, you can combine water and isopropyl alcohol in a 50/50 solution. Using this solution and a moderate amount of pressure should eliminate any hard-to-remove contaminants on your structural glass floor. If you intend to vacuum dust and dirt particles, be sure the bottom surface of the vacuum is smooth and will not scratch the top layer of your glass panels. A non-hard bristled broom is recommended to sweep any debris from the glass floor panels.

Cleaning the Aluminum Grid Framework

To clean the grid of your interior structural glass system, a soft cloth with water will typically be enough. The clear anodized finish on the GBA grid system will resist airborne dirt. For any stain that cannot be removed by water, we recommended using a mild detergent on the surface. Be sure not to rub the grid vigorously as it can create an undesirable glossy area over the satin finish. Use a rag, sponge, or soft bristled brush with a moderate to light amount of force depending on the stain. Never use abrasive, solvent-type cleaners or paint remover as they may dull or remove the finish.

Caring for an exterior application of this GlassWalk™ system can be tricky. First, note that the exterior clear anodized aluminum framework will turn a natural gray overtime. Once the entire grid has turned gray, it is difficult to bring back the original finish of the grid. The responsible party should decide if the goal is to have a soft natural gray appearance to the grid, or if the design intent is to keep the aluminum finish bright and looking new. For a natural gray appearance, relax and let nature do the job for you, as the natural gray will develop over time. If you intend to keep the silver finish bright, lacquering and waxing the grid before any weather begins can preserve the grid's beauty. When it comes to selecting a wax and lacquer, any wax free of abrasives and cleaners can be used to clean the grid. Automotive lacquers in a spray-can may be used on the grid and can provide longer protection. Never use varnish or shellac on your grid unless directed by the manufacturer.

Add a Stunning Design Feature with a Walkable Glass Floor

We're the leader in glass floors and glass panels from concept through final installation

Glass Floor FAQs

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Tempered laminated glass serves as the perfect choice for creating stunning and secure glass floors.

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The GBA Glass Flooring Advantage

Whether you are a contractor looking for a ready-to-go glass stair kit, a designer looking to create that "wow" feature, or a home owner looking to live luxuriously, we are ready to work with you. With the full line of GlassWalk™ Glass Flooring Systems (Structural Glass Flooring, Glass Stair Treads, and Glass Pavers), GBA has the perfect solution for any project.  GlassWalk is offered at the most cost effective prices making our product perfect not only for commercial business spaces but also affordable for homeowners.  If you'd like to envision what glass floor systems like our structural glass floors, glass stair treads, or glass pavers, we have samples ready with our different slip resistant textures. We're committed to bringing your beautiful glass floor vision to a reality.

GBA is also an installer of glass block applications ranging from glass block pavers to glass block systems engineered for security and detention centers, hurricane resistance, fire resistance, blast resistance, and even tornado resistance. We have been installing glass block and walkable glass floor systems for over 35 years all across America. In addition, we have supplied glass block and glass block floor panels across the world to create dramatic design elements at Coach stores worldwide.

To discuss the possibility and advantages of incorporating GBA Structural Glass flooring or glass stair treads into your new construction or a remodel, contact one of the three numbers listed below or contact us to fill out our contact form.


Midwest: 877-280-7700

East Coast: 212-255-5787

West Coast:213-634-7050

Glass Floor Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other names for glass floors? glass flooring FAQs

The official name of our glass floor application is GlassWalk™ Structural Glass Floor Systems. Customers often refer to this as the following: structural glass, glass flooring, walkable skylights, floor glass, deck glass, and glass flooring systems.

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