Glass Block Windows

Glass block has been a popular choice for architects for over a century. It is often used in schools and public works buildings for its durability, strength, and light-bearing properties. With over one hundred glass block patterns to choose from, glass block windows create privacy without having to lose natural light by closing blinds. Now, with improved product lines and enhanced performance, glass block has become the choice of many architects, designers, and property owners. With its modular-sized units, it is capable of fitting any size opening in new or existing construction. Glass block windows are perfect for any building that could benefit from durable, secure, light-transmitting windows.

These modern glass block windows are energy efficient and in certain applications, glass blocks can help to reduce the amount of heat transmitted inside. Traditional windows are unable to guarantee the amount of light allowed through. Depending on the location of the window, you may keep blinds or shades covering the window for privacy. Custom glass block windows can be created with any glass block pattern to bring the comfort of privacy without having to lose natural light. Certain glass block patterns can make it impossible for someone to see in from the outside, making glass block windows ideal for windows located in showers. 


With over 35 years of experience, GBA is more than just a “glass block” company by bringing function and appeal to any projects’ design. We provide top of the line light penetrating architectural products.

Glass Block Windows Add a Modern Architectural Element

We're the leader in glass block windows from concept through final installation

Maintaining Glass Block

Homeowners do not need to worry about maintenance when it comes to glass block windows. A simple power wash to the exterior of the window will be enough to keep the glass clean.  In shower applications, there is no need to worry about constant contact with soapy water, as this will not harm the glass block.  To clean glass block shower walls, simply wipe down the surface to avoid soap scum and Mildew.  A squeegee can also help to maintain any glass block shower to prevent streaks and water spots.  Regardless of whether you use glass block to create a window, wall, or shower, it will be easy to maintain. 


Glass Block Windows Protect

Glass block windows can protect a space from fire, hurricanes, blasts, and bullets.  We can help specify the right glass block for your application. 
Modern Glass Block Window Designs

The location of the glass block window you want to incorporate into your home can affect what glass block design option is selected. With hundreds of options to choose from, there is a glass block pattern for every design aesthetic. Patterns such as Arctic, Clarity, Alpha, and Clearview have been popular glass block pattern options for glass block windows in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. In addition to all the glass block options available to customize your window, one decision to consider is whether you would like the glass block window with a vent or as a solid glass block window/panel. 

Including a vent in a glass block window or panel will allow the air to flow from the outside into any room. Vents are offered in sizes ranging from 14"x8"x3" to 24"x8"x3" and feature an insect screen on the inside to keep bugs out of any home or office. 

Glass block windows with dryer vents are a common application to vent dryer exhaust hoses to the outside of any home. Washer and dryer units are traditionally found in bathrooms, designated laundry rooms, and basements, all of which are areas many homeowners would like to keep private. Glass block windows with vents are perfect to keep these areas private while allowing large amounts of natural light to pour through.

Common Applications for Glass Block Windows

  • + Apartment Buildings
  • + Basement Windows
  • + Bathroom Windows
  • + Dispensaries
  • + Gymnasiums
  • + Historic Renovation
  • + Parking Garages
  • + Police Stations
  • + Schools
  • + Stairwells
  • + Subway Stations
  • + Warehouses
Window Glass Block Design Options
Imperial Line Glass Block: 3" Thinline® Series

The Imperial Line of glass block includes four different glass block and brick collections. Featured in this line is Thinline® 3" Glass Block, Premiere™ 4" Glass Block, High Performance Glass Blocks and Bricks, and the Mini Collection (MYMINIGLASS™). Some of the most common hollow glass block units are from the Thinline® 3" Glass Block collection including Alpha, Clarity, and Nubio glass block. A Thinline® glass block is perfect in residential applications where a slimmer block and window are desired. This series has a variety of patterns and sizes for you to select the perfect glass block to meet your light transmission and desired privacy goals. 

Imperial Line Glass Block: 4" Premiere™ Series

Premiere™ 4" Glass Block is the most versatile glass block collection offered. These glass blocks are perfect in commercial or residential applications to allow natural light to shine through. With numerous patterns and sizes to choose from, these 4" glass blocks are the standard in the glass block industry. Most glass block offered in this series is rated with UL or NFPA 257 standards for a fire rating at a minimum of 45-minutes.  In addition, these blocks offer additional resistance to fire, sound transmission, and impact.  

High Performance Glass Block

This grouping of glass block includes 4" glass block with thicker faces as well as solid glass bricks.  With a new innovative process, energy savings glass block reduces the thermal transmittance by up to 50%.  This helps with designs where energy savings and sustainability is a main factor.  

Solid Glass Brick

Glass bricks are offered in multiple different style to accommodate any design.  VISTABRIK® is a solid glass unit that can resemble the look of glass block with its 8x8 square shape.  Also similar to glass block, VISTABRIK® is perfect for residential or commercial spaces and is available in Imperial sizing.  VISTABRIK® glass brick is offered in a clear or stippled pattern to give different levels of privacy.  This glass brick is known for its durability, impact strength, and vandal resistance.  

VETROPIENO™ is the other solid glass brick line that is available.  These 100% solid glass bricks are available in imperial or metric sizing.  VETROPIENO™ glass bricks 

Design Features + Options
  • 100+ patterns and colors to choose from
  • Modular sizing options to fit any dimensional needs
  • Options for fire rating and hurricane, tornado, and security needs
  • STC Levels as high as 53
  • SHGC levels as low as .34
  • U-Values as low as .19
  • Visible light transmission as high as 92%
  • All existing engineering and testing available


Glass Block Windows FAQs

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Glass block windows are a fantastic option for residential and commercial projects alike. Not only do they let in beautiful natural light, but they are also affordable and built to last. Additionally, they offer the added advantage of ensuring privacy.

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The GBA Advantage

GBA is one of the largest glass block installers and suppliers in the United States.  Our expertise of glass block applications ranges from glass block pavers to glass block systems engineered for security and detention centers, hurricane resistance, fire resistance, blast resistance, and even tornado resistance. We have been installing glass block and walkable glass floor systems for over 35 years all across America.

In addition, we have worked together with owners and historic preservation committees to come up with a modern solution to historical renovation projects.  We take great pride in researching the project to develop modern glass block solution to replacing any historic glass block.

To discuss the possibility and advantages of incorporating GBA Glass Block Windows, Glass Block Walls, Structural Glass flooring or any of our products into your new construction or a remodel, contact one of the three numbers listed below or contact us to fill out our contact form.


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