Glass Block Windows

Glass block has been a popular choice for architects for over a century.  It is often used in schools and public works buildings for its durability and strength. Now, with improved product lines and enhanced performance, glass block has become the choice of many architects, designers, and property owners. With its modular sized units, it is capable of fitting any size opening in new or existing construction. Glass block windows are perfect for any building that could benefit from durable, secure, light transmitting windows.

Design Features + Options:

  • 100+ patterns and colors to choose from
  • Modular sizing options to fit any dimensional needs
  • Options for fire rating and hurricane, tornado, and security needs
  • STC Levels as high as 53
  • SHGC levels as low as .34
  • U-Values as low as .19
  • Visible light transmission as high as 92%
  • All existing engineering and testing available


GBA is proud to have completed a number of glass block historic renovations over the last 35 years! Click here to learn more!