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The Safety and Durability of Fire Rated Glass Block

Attractive, durable, energy-efficient, and capable of illuminating any space, fire rated glass block is endowed with inherent fire-resistant properties. In many fire-safe buildings, fire rated glass block structural components provide an additional level of safety that wood and drywall cannot. Whether for interior walls, stairwells, flooring, or exterior cladding and windows, structural fire rated glass block adds pleasing aesthetics and natural light while providing an added measure of fire protection.

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Safety Storm Shelters

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Protect Yourself and Others with Quality Safety Storm Shelters

The severity of hurricanes and tornadoes in North America in recent years seems to have increased. Although storms vary in number, size, and intensity, continuing construction is occupying more land surface and raising the likelihood of a direct hit on a portion of the population.

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Safety and Security in Schools

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Impact-Proof Glass for Greater Safety and Security in Schools

As the debate over safety and security in schools continues and the search for solutions continues, school officials and construction engineers are looking for answers to reconfigure access, redesign interior floorplans, and introduce measures to protect students from armed intrusion. Since the Columbine attacks in Colorado in 1999, over 275 school shootings have been reported. While some of these incidents were accidental gun discharges, events such as Sandy Hook Elementary (CT), Parkland (FL), Red Lake (MN), and so many more have left 250 students and teachers dead and many more wounded.

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How To Prepare For A Tornado | Tornado Window Protection

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How to Prepare for a Tornado With Tornado Window Protection

A tornado may occur anywhere at any time although some areas of the country are more prone than others. Tornadoes commonly occur in the central high plains of the United States to many eastern states from Colorado to Ohio and Georgia. Incredibly destructive storms have leveled buildings and towns outside this region, as well.

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How To Prepare A Home For Hurricanes

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How to Prepare a Home for Hurricanes

The time is near when homeowners in hurricane-prone areas should begin to think about protecting their families, homes, and property. Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 26 to June 1, is the perfect time to take action to safeguard everything around you to minimize the potential for damage.

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