Glass Block Windows: Cost, Labor, Lifespan, and Differences Explained

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What is the average cost for glass block windows? 

The price range for glass block windows can vary significantly due to several factors.  These include the window's size, the level of intricacy in its design, the type of glass block used, and the associated installation costs.  Design plays a crucial role, with basic glass block windows being more affordable compared to their decorative or custom counterparts.  Moreover, larger windows naturally demand higher costs due to the increased materials and labor required during installation.  Speaking of installation, its costs can fluctuate based on factors like location and complexity.  It's worth noting that additional fees may apply for the removal and proper disposal of existing windows.

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How to Install Glass Block Basement Windows

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It is no secret that vandals tend to attempt to break into homes and businesses through basement windows. Usually, these are less conspicuous locations on the building, and the windows are at “ground level,” which makes them far more accessible to break and enter. Furthermore, owners may not notice a broken basement window has been damaged as quickly as other windows in the building.

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