Glass Bricks

Architecture, Glass Block

Glass block isn’t just for basement windows anymore. Because of their versatility and luminosity, glass bricks have become architects most desirable choice. They have the ability to brighten spaces while still providing a clean and modern look in homes, offices, schools, and many other places.

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Vault Lights | Durable Vaulted Sidewalk Pavement Lights

Architecture, Vault Lights

Vault Lights |  Concrete and Cast Iron Vaulted Sidewalk

Vault Lights: The Beginning

Vault lights were invented in 1845 by Thaddeus Hyatt, and were initially used on ship decks to provide light below without using hazardous, open flame-producing instruments. These durable glass features were later mounted in concrete and cast iron panels and installed in city sidewalks to admit light into basements and spaces below.

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Glass Block In Offices

Design, Architecture, Offices, Glass Block

The Advantages of Letting the Light Shine Through in Offices

As the demands of business change, so do office building designs. Decades ago, companies virtually “corralled” their office workers into cubicles and offices with opaque walls to deter interruption and distraction.  Many have started to move away from standard cubicle designs to allow for a more open concept work environment.  Natural light and open environments have proven to be more productive environments that promote productivity and creativity in the office.  With the adaptations of glass block over through the decades, offices can create "private" offices by utilizing a contemporary glass block wall design. 

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Glass Block Rainscreens

Architecture, Glass Block Rainscreens, Glass Block

Glass Block, The Ideal Windscreen and Rainscreen

As a building material, glass block is durable, sustainable, fireproof, and an excellent insulator. The material’s transparent nature offers superior energy efficiency while admitting light and muffling most of the sound from outside. By itself, as the primary cladding for new construction, glass block’s beauty and functionality have contributed to its growth as an essential building component throughout the world.

You may be asking yourself, can glass blocks be used outside? Because of its unique inherent qualities, glass block is also important in other, less traditional applications for construction.  One unique application has been the implementation of glass block is outdoor wind or rainscreens.  This glass block application has proven an effective solution for protecting buildings from driving rain and accumulated moisture.  Glass block is now offered in multiple different patterns, styles, and shapes, making it the perfect customizable glass component to add to any design. 

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Design, Architecture, Glass Block, Daylighting

Daylighting: The Future of Architecture

Daylighting design strategies pertain to managing the admittance of natural light in the form of direct or diffused sunlight into a home or building. With the strategic use of skylights, windows, and glass block, artificial lighting requirements can be reduced without compromising heating and cooling capability.

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