What Are Glass Block Accent Walls?

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When you hear accent walls, what do you think of? Maybe it’s your grandmas tacky dining room wall paper or maybe a DIY board and batten wall gone wrong. We are here to change the way you think of accent walls and let you know how aesthetically pleasing and practical they can be, especially when it is made out of glass block. Many associate glass block and glass bricks with the outdated architectural styles from the 1980s. With modern technology and design experts, glass block is being used in renovations of industrial lofts and restaurants, vintage storefront windows, and even as dividing walls between offices.

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Glass Block In Offices

Design, Architecture, Offices, Glass Block

The Advantages of Letting the Light Shine Through in Offices

As the demands of business change, so do office building designs. Decades ago, companies virtually “corralled” their office workers into cubicles and offices with opaque walls to deter interruption and distraction.  Many have started to move away from standard cubicle designs to allow for a more open concept work environment.  Natural light and open environments have proven to be more productive environments that promote productivity and creativity in the office.  With the adaptations of glass block over through the decades, offices can create "private" offices by utilizing a contemporary glass block wall design. 

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