How to Prepare a Home for Hurricanes

The time is near when homeowners in hurricane-prone areas should begin to think about protecting their families, homes, and property. Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 26 to June 1, is the perfect time to take action to safeguard everything around you to minimize the potential for damage.

Hurricanes, the most potent storms on earth, cause damage and injury with cataclysmic winds that flatten structures, send debris flying and bring torrential rains followed by flooding. In recent years, hurricane forces have caused horrendous damage to communities, leaving millions of families homeless for extended periods.

Hot Spots for Hurricane’s Forces

One region of the United States is more prone to the direct impact of hurricanes than others. Southeastern states including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and surrounding states have each experienced powerful hurricane forces during the recent decade. While the science of tracking and predicting the path of an oncoming hurricane from the mid-Atlantic has improved, the many variables of these storms make them unpredictable. As we have learned, hurricanes will sometimes veer away from their predicted path to strike the unprepared.

Most hurricanes originate over the Atlantic Ocean, sometimes as far east as the Cape Verde Islands, not far from Africa. They often gain strength as they pass into the Caribbean Sea before approaching North   America. Puerto Rico was devastated in 2017 by Hurricane Maria, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are frequently at risk during each hurricane season.

Hurricanes also form in the East Pacific, usually making landfall in Central America and Mexico. The U.S. Southwest is at risk from some of these events.

Hawaii and other islands in the Pacific are also vulnerable to tropical storms that can bring extremely high winds, rough surf, rip currents, and heavy rain to the islands.

Hurricane risk is highest from June 1 until November 30.

Install Hurricane Resistant Glass Block Windows from SEVES Glass Block

In potentially vulnerable areas, preparation means minimizing damage to your home and business. Direct high winds from hurricanes can smash windows or hurl debris from the neighborhood through standard plate glass windows. Often, window breakage is the root of most of the damage to home interiors as broken windows allow wind, water, and flying objects to enter. Check out hurricane resistant windows and structural glass products at GBA Architectural Products + Services.

Hurricane Resistant Glass Block Windows protect the inside of your home from flying debris. An additional bonus, particularly after a damaging hurricane, is that these are also very secure and resistant to vandalism that often occurs.

Hurricane Resistant Glass Block Windows are easy to install and provide privacy while admitting plenty of natural light. The stylish glass block is framed by a 2-piece aluminum channel which meets Dade County’s (Florida) and the International Building Code approval protocols for large missile impact tests.

Beautiful, aesthetically pleasing Hurricane Resistant glass windows come preassembled, although the windows may be specially customized for any home window configuration.

Hurricane Windows

Preparing for a Hurricane

In addition to installing Hurricane Resistant Glass Block Windows, there are other ways to help prepare your home for hurricane season.

Reinforce Doors, Windows, and Roof: As the hurricane season approaches, check the areas that are most vulnerable to the wind and excessive water damage. These are the roof, doors, and windows, places where water and wind penetration are most likely and are most damaging. Inspect seals around windows and doors and ask a professional to check out the roof. Loose shingles will not only increase the likelihood   of damage to the roof and ceilings within but may tear loose and cause damage elsewhere.

Trees: Flying limbs are a frequent cause of home, building, automobile, and personal damage. You should trim dying limbs and trees to reduce the likelihood of breaking loose and causing damage. It is also important to request your neighbors do the same since their limbs are likely to end up on your property in 100+ mph winds.

Gutters and Downspouts: These home attachments are critical for channeling excess water away from the house. However, wrenched away by hurricane forces, large pieces of the gutter can serve as dangerous unguided missiles that can inflict severe damage to surrounding property. Therefore, it is essential to reinforce the brackets holding these drainage conduits.

Also, make sure that gutters and downspouts are thoroughly cleared of debris to channel excess water away from the home to prevent back up and cause roof damage.

Backup Generator: No home or business should be without an emergency electrical source. As we have learned, some areas can be without electrical service for weeks after a significant hurricane. A generator is particularly vital for those who depend on electricity for medical devices or for elderly who may suffer extensively without air conditioning.

Windows for Strength and Beauty

GBA Architectural Products + Services  offers hurricane and high impact resistant windows by SEVES Glass Block in a variety of colors with differing degrees of transparency and privacy options. These sturdy, yet elegant windows can enhance the beauty and ambiance of your home, both inside and out, while providing peace of mind during a storm.

Windows for Security

Windows are any structure's “weakest link.” While protecting from hurricanes and high wind conditions, GBA Architectural Products + Services’ highly resistant block windows will also make your home more secure.

Vandals and other unwanted intruders usually try to enter through a basement or first-floor window. Once these individuals realize that the windows cannot be easily broken, they will move on.

Hurricane glass block windows are also graffiti proof and easy to clean.

Contact GBA Architectural Products + Services for Hurricane Resistant Glass Block Windows

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