Composite Cast Iron Walls

    Our Composite Cast Iron Wall Panels celebrate the ingenuity and innovations of 19th century designers in a light-weight, fire resistant system.  These handcrafted composite panels are stunning replicas of the traditional, horizontal, Victorian Era Cast Iron Vault Light panels found in many sidewalks around the North America and Europe.  Typically back-lit and used vertically, or as a drop ceiling lay-light, our panels provide a unique design element to any upscale project.  These panels are typically made in modular sizes of 2' x 4' or 4' x 4' but can also be made in custom sizes as well.  The panels can be manufactured in a wide variety of textures and colors, making them a unique feature that family, friends, and patrons will never forget.

    Design Features + Options:

    • Glazing Options:
      • Clear or Frosted 
      • Round 2" Glass Prisms
      • Square 3-1/2" Glass Pavers with Circle Design 
    • Finish Textures:
      • Smooth or hammered
      • Hammered with rivets
      • Custom
      • Endless palette of colors
    • No visible framing 
    • High density extremely durable Urethane Board
    • Meets ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Rating