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The School Construction Authority (SCA) is responsible for the construction and renovations of the public schools in New York City.  SCA has put into place an extensive plan to provide the children of New York City with the best opportunities for learning.  The PS/IS 437k building in Brooklyn was previously considered a site for a nursing home or apartment complex.  However, while working with the Historic Preservation Office, they decided to use the property as a school to meet the number of elementary and middle school seats needed.  

The building was completed in 2015 with help from Michael Fieldman Architect, and General Contractor Silverite Construction Company.  The Michael Fieldman Architect firm  specializes in design of academic, healthcare, transportation and residential architecture.  The firm has been featured in a number of magazines such as Casabella, Architectural Record, and iiC Magazine.  Their work at PS/IS 437K won them the Society of American Registered Architects design award. 

Silverite Construction Company is known for their ability to handle any size or type of heavy construction, including complex structures demanding special skills.  Founded in 1964, Silverite was "built on a foundation of extreme passion, drive, and integrity."  

A major component in the architect's design was the use of a solid glass brick, appropriately named VISTABRIK®.  Collaborating on supply, design, and installation was the role of GBA Architectural Products + Services.  Extraordinarily versatile, VISTABRIK® combines the strength of a 3" thick glass brick partition with 90% light transmittance.  No other comparable building material combines the strength, beauty, and security features of a VISTABRIK®.  Michael Fieldman Architect selected the 4" x 8" VISTABRIK® option and GBA laid them as "soldiers," creating crisp vertical lines.  The block was utilized in the four-floor stair enclosure wall on the North elevation and in the gymnasium clerestory window stretching nearly 100 feet long.  The window goes the length of the playground outside, with no concern over damage considering the strength provided by the VISTABRIK®.  Fieldman Architect also utilized the block in numerous other window openings and hallway enclosures throughout the building.  

GBA, being the largest supplier and installer of glass block in the country, provided skilled craftsmen to meticulously lay over 4,000 solid VISTABRIK® masonry units.  We also created all shop drawings, dimensions, and details to make the execution run smoothly.  Silverite was happy GBA completed their work as outlined by the jobsite schedule for such a unique product and design.  

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