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Noroton Presbyterian Church is situated in Darien, CT, one of the most affluent communities in New England.  When they started looking to expand their facilities, they chose Dennis Kowal Architects from Sommerville, NJ, to create the design.  DKA is a full-service architectural firm with a diversified portfolio.  They were founded in 1986 and have a multi-state footprint.  The church was looking to expand the existing facility to include a mission center, facility hall, offices, prayer tower, and several other amenities.  

A. Pappajohn Company was brought in as the General Contractor, to demolish 3,000 square feet and add 14,000 square feet to the complex.  Part of the team's vision was to borrow available light and bring it to the lower regions of the facility.  One of the design intents included a glass floor located at the building entrance.  GBA was eventually retained to supply and install that glass floor. 

Through their partnership with different manufacturers, an octagonal glass and white powder coated steel framed walkable skylight was proposed and approved.  In the center of the skylight was an etched compass depicting the intended reach of the church. 

The manufacture and execution of installation were not without their challenges.  Load bearing capabilities, deflection, and proper material identification were all critical components to creating the magnificent final outcome.  Our hope is for the church community to appreciate the hard work and dedication of the whole team involved in creating this light penetrating skylight.  

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A. Pappajohn Company
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