Our Process

Founded in 1941, COACH® has become a leading company for modern luxury accessories. Tapestry, owner of COACH®, defines the brand as having “a free-spirted, all-American attitude and approaches design with a modern vision.”

When COACH® was looking to update their locations, they wanted a material that created the new modern look that was adaptable for multiple applications. As they were researching products, they reached out to GBA Architectural Products + Services regarding glass block options for the storefronts.

The goal was something they can use as a standard in all their stores scheduled for updating. Something classy, yet functional, and worthy of enhancing the COACH® brand. Ultimately, they went with glass block and the block chosen was the Alpha. The Alpha block produces one of the more dramatic statements for architectural applications. With its circular geometric pattern, it offers a modern and clean look to the project.

With the addition of LED light panels behind the glass the result is a sparkling modern design statement adaptable enough to go in small in line mall locations, airport spaces, or the new flagship in midtown Manhattan.

After design was finalized, GBA worked with the COACH® team in supplying material and the manpower to install the new glass block storefront design from New York to Honolulu. Additionally, we worked with the team to panelize the store fronts and shipped them internationally.

Ultimately the new store branding resulted in precisely what was hoped for, a unique new appearance in the retail marketplace.

Alpha Glass Block

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