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Located in the historic district of downtown Rapid City, South Dakota is The Rushmore Hotel and Suites.  It was built over 30 years ago and still holds the perfect "balance between earth-friendly and big city chic."  Several years ago, the hotel began rebranding to move away from the Hilton name.  This led to the unique idea of creating a new theme based around Mount Rushmore, since it is only a short drive away.  The hotels' location inspired the name "The Rushmore Hotel."  To execute the remodeling, The Rushmore Hotel turned to Henriksen, Inc Architects and WeDo 360 LLC.  

WeDo 360 LLC was found in 2013.  They are known for "creating a unique sense of tranquility, joy, and freedom" in spaces.  This is exactly what they accomplished at The Rushmore Hotel.  Henriksens, Inc.'s expertise in drafting, master planning, blueprinting, and custom design was critical to encompassing the historical pride that comes from Mount Rushmore and transforming that into the hotel.  

GBA partnered both with Henriksen, Inc and WeDo 360 LLC to install a unique GlassWalk™ Structural Glass Floor.  GBA supplied, engineered, and installed the 15' x 28' Structural Glass Floor in the conference/banquet room of the hotel.  40 equal sized, three-ply laminated glass pieces were used to create the completed floor.  GlassWalk™, with its standard aluminum framing members, is a cost-effective way of producing dramatic results.  The profiles allow the creation of any size floor needed.  

The GlassWalk™ floor, backlit with an LED light system, is the focal point of the room.  With its dramatic appearance, this flooring system serves as the ultimate dance floor for parties, receptions, and more!

Henriksen, Inc
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GlassWalk™ Structural Glass System

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