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21c Museum Hotels is a U.S. based company with locations all across the Midwest.  Its concept combines a contemporary art museum with a boutique hotel.  21c was voted among the Top 10 Hotels in the World multiple times and has received other numerous awards.  When 21c looked to open a hotel in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, they chose the Fred Jones Assembly Plant as the desired site.  The historical significance of the plant, built in 1915 to assemble the Model T, played a role in the location selection. 

The architect, Hornbeek Blatt, designed the building with spaces that are open and light filled utilizing the full scale of the building.  They fulfilled that design intent by creating lightwells and large skylights that rain sunlight into the interior hotel spaces.  Hornbeek Blatt chose the walls of these lightwells to be constructed of a Parallel Fluted Glass Block.  We installed over 10,000 pieces of block abiding by the schedule and performance standards set forth by the General Contractor, Lingo Construction Services.  The result was the transfer of the natural light coupled with the level of opacity wanted.

GBA was proud to be chosen to supply and install this work, being that the glass block was such an integral part of the design intent.  For over 35 years, GBA has traveled all over the United States tackling similar types of projects.  Our niche and value to the General Contractor and Architect is not only our ability on site, but also our knowledge of the product options, capabilities, and specifications.  All of GBA's abilities help to make the final product look and perform at its best.   

Hornbeek Blatt
General Contractor
Lingo Construction Services
Advanced Masonry
8" x 8" x 4" Parallel Fluted Argus Glass Block

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