Design Features+Options

With a plethora of colors, patterns, and various sizes available for glass block and glass brick, anyone can achieve the design of their dreams.   

  • Full line of hollow glass block or solid glass brick available
  • Clear glass or many colors to choose from 
  • Any transparency/opacity level attainable
  • No visible framing, mullions, or grout joints
  • Integral metal framework can be steel or aluminum
  • No mortar or grout needed
  • Multiple bond options
  • Engineering calculations available to meet Design Pressure and Seismic requirements 
  • Fire rating available
  • Ability to meet any daylighting goal

Common Applications

  • + Accent Walls
  • + Conference Room Divider
  • + Interior/Exterior Walling
  • + Elevator Enclosures
  • + Prefab Glass Block Walls
  • + Storefront Windows
  • + Windscreens

Today's architects and designers are always looking to reduce the carbon footprint of their project.  With that goal in mind, GBA has introduced our new Mortarless Glass Block Grid system.  The integral metal framework of this system provides strength for any size wall or window with no visible mullions or grout joints.  Leveraging function and design, the Mortarless Glass Block Grid System offers designers and architects a versatile structure that fits any setting, window or wall.  Enhanced light transmission and clean lines are created through an internal steel or aluminum grid.

The idea for a glass grid system of this nature was derived from the idea of hidden framing structure.  This system is perfect for interior/exterior use as a window, wall, and even for exterior windscreens.  Glass bricks can be laid within this system in addition to traditional glass block.  The steel or aluminum grid can be customized to have the brick laid in a stack bond or running bond option.  The amount of natural light penetrating through our glass block and glass brick grid system is unmeasurable. 

modern glass block wall
Glass Block Options
3" Thinline® Series Glass Block

Thinline® Series glass block is desired by architects and homeowners for its slimmer profile.  With a selection of patterns and imperial sizes to choose from, this block is best suited for residential project and light commercial applications.  Common ways to incorporate this 3" glass block is in partitions, shower walls, curtain walls, and room dividers.  Due to the light transmitting properties of these block, they are perfect to add character to a room while also helping to muffle sound from any nearby room. 

4" Premiere™ Series Glass Block

This series of glass block offers the most block patterns and sizes.  This is the most versatile line of glass block patterns available to design with.  Some of the most popular glass block patterns are Clarity, Nubio, and Cortina.  Light transmission and levels are privacy are easily manipulated depending on the block style and size chosen for your projects' design.  Premiere™ Series glass block can also offer added resistance to fire as most block within this series are able to achieve a fire rating of at least 45-minutes minimum.  

Basic Line

While the name of this glass block line may lead you to believe the blocks are basic, that is far from true.  These glass blocks are designed to give any client extended options for sizes, patterns, finishes, and colors.  This particular line of glass block is perfect for residential or commercial applications.  Offered in Metric Sizes the basic line glass blocks are slightly smaller in size than the standard glass block.  

Solid Glass Brick

VETROPIENO™ solid glass brick offers a dramatic visual effect and makes a beautiful addition to any commercial project.  Glass brick allows a designer to bring the exterior structure of the building inside to create a unique design element that is still capable of maintaining privacy.  Architects and designers are always looking to create an interesting feature to make each room or office special in its design.  Glass bricks are the perfect addition to any mortarless wall since their unique colors can create luxurious accent to any area.  

VISTABRIK® is the best solid glass brick to add safety, aesthetic, and structural integrity to any wall or window application.  This solid glass unit is available as 3" thick in 8" x 8", 6" x 8" and 4" x 8" glass block sizing options.  VISTABRIK® glass block is known to increase the the amount of natural daylight that is being passed through.  It is also capable of withstanding hurricane and tornado force winds and protecting from flying debris when incorporated into an engineered glass block system.  

Mortarless glass block grid systems can also be designed for canopy projects or as a vault light application to illuminate pedestrian walkways throughout the evening hours.  Our solid glass brick wall and window grids fit into a diverse array of interior design styles from industrial design to Asian Zen.  Defined by its bold appearance, these glass brick grid structures can add distinctive conversation piece to any room.   These glass block grids are capable of creating separation to areas without having to feel closed off from the adjoining space. 
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Add a Stunning Design Feature with a Glass Brick Grid

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Glass Block Walls FAQs

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Our mortarless glass block grids are expertly designed to flawlessly complement any project, which may contribute to the overall expense. We initiate the process by meticulously crafting a custom steel grid that precisely aligns with the dimensions of the blocks and the desired panel size.

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The GBA Advantage

We have been installing glass block and walkable glass floor systems for over 35 years all across America. In addition, we have supplied glass block and glass block floor panels across the world to create dramatic design elements at Coach stores worldwide.

GBA is also an installer of structural glass floor systems ranging from GlassWalk™ Structural Glass to precast concrete or cast iron vault light systems engineered per your projects load requirements. 

To discuss the possibility and advantages of incorporating GBA Structural Glass flooring or glass stair treads into your new construction or a remodel, contact one of the three numbers listed below or contact us to fill out our contact form.


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