For decades glass block has been used and has only become more modern as time went on.  Glass block has been transformed from your "grandma's glass block windows" to a versatile building material, and is highlighted for strength, functionality and light transmittance.  Glass blocks can be used to increase the thermal efficiency of any glass block wall design.  Recently architects and designers have been able to join that functionality with the availability of different patterns, colors, sizes, and compositions to create exquisite architectural statements.  Glass blocks are being used to create modern glass accent wall designs, as room dividers or wall partitions.  Utilized for any commercial or high-end residential project, whether it is new or restorative. Glass blocks create a physical barrier yet allows light and clarity at levels preferred.

glass block wall
Design Features+Options
  • Full line of hollow glass block available
  • Clear glass or many colors to choose from 
  • Any transparency/opacity level attainable
  • Integral metal framework can be steel or aluminum
  • Multiple bond options
  • Engineering available to meet Design Pressure and Seismic requirements
  • Fire Ratings up to 90 minutes
Hollow Glass Block Options+ Sizes
3" Thinline® Series
  • Standard glass (green/blue hue) or low-iron glass for a crystal-clear look
  • Fully transparent, fully translucent, or anything in between
  • Slip Resistant Options
    • Traction control ceramic frits, acid etched Walker Textures, or sandblasting offer excellent anti-slip qualities and is perfect for wet or dry conditions
    • Clear or Colored Interlayers are available to add a splash of color to your project
    • Digital Printing or Silk Screening can be applied to your glass panel to provide a unique feature to your project
  • Custom shapes and sizes available
  • 2 or 3-ply laminated glass units

One major concern of the glass floors is the level of privacy a person walking on the glass has. By acid-etching the glass or changing the transparency of the glass, you can create the desired level of privacy for those walking on your glass floor. Despite changing the transparency or adding additional frit patterns, the natural light pouring through the glass will not change